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Best Special Events in Bloomington

Josh Gates at Bloomington Center For The Performing Arts

Josh Gates

Josh Gates is a television host, famous for his work on the ghost-hunting show, 'Destination Truth.' In it, Gates travels far and wide in search of paranormal creatures claimed to have been spotted by spooked locals. Join the dashing Gates as he brings tales of his travels to a stage near you this year!

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Haunted Objects Live at Bloomington Center For The Performing Arts

Haunted Objects Live

The Haunted Objects Podcast is heading out on tour this fall, just in time for the spooky season. Dana and Greg Newkirk are paranormal investigators, and the only ones in the world to do it full-time! Sharing their lifelong passion for the supernatural on tour, listen as they enchant you with tales about the Dark Mirror, the Dybbuk Box, and ghosts' handwriting. They even took the infamous Jeff Goldblum hunting for Bigfoot, so you know you're in for a good night.

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Ancient Aliens Live at Brown County Music Center

Ancient Aliens Live

The HISTORY Channel's long-running out-of-this-world show takes to the road this year, offering audiences the chance to enjoy a ninety-minute experience like no other. The show's famous faces; Ancient Astronaut Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalas, author David Childress and of course, Investigative Mythologist William Henry are all on board, discussing theories from Ancient Egypt to the long-awaited Disclosure!